Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TAG: Mobile Assassination Game

One of the perks of working at a Technology Agency is that you get to dream up cool games as a team, produce them as a team, and release them as a team.  It is so rewarding to see these things through from ideation to released in the App Store.

The latest of these ideas is TAG: Mobile Assassination Game.  This is meant to be a Social/Mobile game to play with friends in a specific geographic region, that we think will be a huge hit with college aged kids.  You put a group together, and you set parameters around what times you want to play (The game is only live between 6pm and 9pm, for example), and how long you want it to go (2 days, 3 months, etc).  Then each player in the game has an "assignment," or person they need to "assassinate."  The way you "kill" someone is taking their photo on your cell phone, and submitting it to the game's moderator to confirm the "kill-shot." After you notch a confirmed kill, you get another target - until only one player remains and is the winner.

We added foursquare integration, so each player can get updates on where their targets are checking in during regulation game hours.  Or you can use these foursquare check-ins as a way to find your friends and socialize.  We think this is the future of gaming as a whole.  Incorporate all new technologies that allow us to use augmented reality (AR), along with the increasing social/mobile behavior of our culture to create a fun all-consuming game.

We were lucky enough to have SXSW think so as well!  They were kind enough to invite us to speak at their future 15 panel about TAG and more generally about our thoughts on AR, and mobile gaming.  If you're in Austin, or planning on going to the SXSW conference March 11-15, please sign up to be part of our huge TAG game to launch the product, and check out our talk!